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Resort Rules



Normal 220-volt household freezers may be connected to our power.

Your generator may be used on the campsites and at the chalets, but operational times are limited - 07.00hr to 20.00hr. Kindly adhere to these times and be considerate to your neighbours.

Our water supply is limited when the resort is full, we make a real effort to keep the water flowing. Your cooperation is required to ensure the continuity of this valuable resource.

The washing of boats and vehicles with a hose pipe is strictly forbidden in peak season at any campsite or Chalet. Use the Car wash, and appointments at reception.

Please conserve water when showering and don’t run water unnecessarily, kindly report leaking taps and burst pipes to the office immediately. Our water is safe to drink.

Beach Driving
It is illegal to drive your vehicle on any beach in this country. Each resort has demarcated areas that can be utilized for recreational purposes. We have markers north and south of the resort that pertain to this area. If you are caught out of this area the maritime officials will fine you R2500.

Please deflate your tyres to 1 bar. Whilst you are here at Paindane. Hard tyres will damage our ramp from the beach and our roads in the resort. This causes an inconvenience to all our guests.

Speed Limit
The speed limit of any vehicle on the beach in Mozambique is 15 km. Kindly adhere to this speed limit in our resort and on the beach. Take extra care when driving as young children are not “street-wise” and an accident can happen so easily. Medical attention is a major problem in this country so please be careful. There were two fatalities in the Inhambane region last year directly connected to speeding on the beach. Driving on the dunes is forbidden.

Anyone caught speeding will have their keys confiscated or asked to leave the resort.

We reserve the right to inspect the driver’s license of anyone driving any means of transport on the beach or in and around the resort.

Quad Bikes
The use of quad bikes on the beach is illegal in this country.  A fine of R2500 will be imposed if you are caught by the maritime officials. We do not allow visitors to use their bikes in and around the resort, this is strictly controlled, we reserve the right to confiscate the keys, or ban the use of your bike, should you break this rule.

Boat - Launching & Beaching
An area will be demarcated each day for the beaching of boats.  Please do not park in this area as it will hinder those trying to recover their boats on trailers. No boat trailers or vehicles are allowed in this area. No bathing or sun tanning between these orange beacons.

All boats must be left on the beach at the beach bar/restaurant. Boat boys can be hired at reception.  Do not employ any person without clearing at the reception.
Boat Licenses and Launching Permit Fees:  MT 2500.00
Fishing Permit:  MT 525.00

Snorkelling & Spear Fishing
Paindane boasts the finest snorkelling reef on the east coast of Africa; we trust that your family will appreciate its array of soft and hard corals, the tropical fish that live in this paradise.

It is a protected reef and therefore no spearfishing may be exercised within 300m of the reef.
Please contact the manager as to where you can exercise your sport. Kindly report any NETTS or destruction of the reef.

Please don’t ...

  • Remove coral, shells or anything else from our coral garden.
  • Stand on or touch the coral (it takes years to recover).
  • Dive out small crayfish and those in berry.
  • Litter the area with plastic or cans.
  • Drive over or anchor your boat on the coral or the reef.

Jet Ski's
No jet ski’s are allowed in the bay whilst visitors are snorkelling or swimming in the bay.  Use the Jet ski to the north of the Bay.

You may launch your ski at the launch site for boats but must stay in the northern region of the reef until the tide has come in and there is no one snorkelling the reef.

Should there be any dispute of any matter with our local population kindly advise the office and we will sort it out for you, before you take your own action. Our locals are very friendly people and a simple misunderstanding can end being a major problem.

Do not employ any stranger at all. Clear all workers with the office first.

House Keeping

Each chalet has its servant at a reasonable rate of R50 per day ... don’t employ anybody without the approval of the resort.  These servants have all been screened and are very honest.

Furniture, cooking utensils, cutlery, linen and gas for the stove and geyser is supplied.
You need to bring your own towels, mozzi netts, toilet paper, kitchen towels and black rubbish bags.

Chalet – occupation
The chalet and campsite can only be occupied from 2 pm and departure before 10 am.

Chalet – capacity
The number of people must not exceed the number of beds per house.

No pets allowed.

No open flames are allowed inside the houses, only charcoal is allowed in the braai’s outside, and no wood at all. Kindly do not braai when the wind is blowing. Charcoal is available at reception.

For any information on places of interest, Inhambane, day drives etc. feel free to talk to the office, we know the area well.